Office 365

Office 365

Emails, Files, and Collaboration made simple.
office 365 management

Office 365 is a great way to level up your company.

Office 365 is more than just emails, you’ll have access to Microsoft Office, Cloud Storage, Teams and more. IT3’s office 365 management services allow you to step back and put the focus on your business.

Some of the benefits of Office 365

Easy Migration

Our team will handle the migration of all your emails and email addresses to Office 365, and setup your Outlook so you can just carry on working.


Office 365 provides the ability for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) so only you can login.

Spam Management

We'll set your emails up with a Spam Filter to make sure that your mailbox stays free of junk.

Access Anywhere

You'll be able to access your emails and documents stored in 365 anywhere.


You'll have access to Microsoft Office Software including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. You'll also have access to Microsoft Teams to schedule, create and join meetings.

File Storage

You can have access to Microsoft's Cloud Storage to ensure you'll be able to access your files from anywhere.

We’ll make your migration to Office 365 seamless

Lady working on laptop with office 365 suite

Attack Simulation Training with Office 365

What is Attack Simulation Training?

Using attack simulation training within the Microsoft 365 Defender portal allows you to run realistic attack scenarios for users on your Office 365 tenant. Simulated attacks let you identify users likely to click or download content before a real attack affects your business.

What do we offer?


Training on simulating phishing attacks and engaging compromised users into Microsoft training


Assess implementation to ensure best practices have been followed

Anti-Malware Testing

Antivirus test files sent to nominated accounts to view effectiveness of current anti-malware controls

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