Hard Drive Destruction

Secure Data Destruction and WEEE Recycling

Data is destroyed to DoD 5220.22-M standard

Why is hard drive destruction important?

In order to ensure your business remains protected against any costly and damaging data breaches, it’s necessary to ensure that all data on redundant hardware is destroyed.

In 2013, NHS Surrey was fined £200,000 for not ensuring drives were appropriately destroyed.
“They actually failed to check that the data destruction company charged with getting the computers ready for recycling had properly destroyed the records. The data destruction company passed on data, believing that crushing hard drives was enough to permanently erase the NHS computers.” source

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Disk Destruction

What is DoD 5220.22-M?

The DoD 5220.22-M Standard is a data erasion standard used by government agencies and organisations around the world. Erasing data to this standard means it is unrecoverable, making sure your client and sensitive data is securely destroyed.

WEEE Recycling

How is the destroyed drive disposed of?

All destroyed drives will be recycled in accordance to the UK’s WEEE guidance.

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