Hard Drive Destruction

Secure Data Destruction and WEEE Recycling

Data is destroyed to DoD 5220.22-M standard
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Why is hard drive destruction important?

To ensure data security, businesses must prioritize hard drive destruction, particularly when handling sensitive information like financial and medical records. Simply deleting files or reformatting the hard drive is not enough to prevent unauthorized access to data. Instead, physical destruction, like shredding or crushing the hard drive, is necessary to ensure that data is irretrievable. Without proper hard drive destruction, businesses risk severe consequences such as data breaches, identity theft, and reputational damage. Thus, partnering with a reliable IT company that provides secure and certified hard drive destruction services is crucial.

Disk Destruction

What is DoD 5220.22-M?

The DoD 5220.22-M Standard is a widely used data erasure standard by government agencies and organizations globally. By complying with this standard, data is irreversibly erased, ensuring secure destruction of sensitive and client information. This approach guarantees the data is unrecoverable, offering additional protection against potential data breaches.

WEEE Recycling

How is the destroyed drive disposed of?

All destroyed drives will be recycled in accordance to the UK’s WEEE guidance.


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